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Born in 2019 from the combination of the four main Greek and Spanish aquaculture companies -Andromeda, Nireus, Selonda and Perseus-, AVRAMAR is the largest premium fish producer in the Mediterranean.

With a production volume of more than 70,000 tons per year and a presence in more than thirty countries, the company continually invests in the growth of its product portfolio and in the expansion of its markets.

Its mission includes the commitment to bring the Mediterranean to the table of consumers around the world, offering better fish for better lives.

A goal guaranteed without a doubt by the passion and expertise -more than forty years- of the companies that make up this solid aquaculture group capable of minimizing the time between harvesting, product reception and processing and serving the main European markets in 24 / 48 hours.

Its name, “AVRAMAR”, comes from the union of the Greek word “AVRA”, which means breeze, and the Spanish term “MAR” that means sea.



AVRAMAR currently employs more than 2,300 people, most of them with extensive expertise in the aquaculture industry. Approximately 25% make up the Spanish workforce.

The business group considers its human team the most precious asset as they are passionate about their work, who know and love fish, and committed to a common goal: to generate aquaculture products of high nutritional value, with high standards of quality, sustainability. and innovation, that respond to the needs of both customers and consumers.


The Group has twelve hatcheries, ten located in Greece and two in Spain, and a total of seventy-two fish farms in open seas, of which eight are located on the coast of the Spanish Levante and one in the Canary Islands (Lanzarote).

In addition, AVRAMAR has fifteen packaging and processing plants – two of them in Spain – and three feed factories, all located in Greece.

An infrastructure that allows it to reach an annual production capacity of 70,000 tons of fish.

The Group’s offices are also distributed between these two countries, being Spain (specifically the Valencian Community) where the main headquarters are located.

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