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United by the Mediterranean

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Our mission as a company is to bring the best of the Mediterranean to your table. 2021 saw the arrival of AVRAMAR as the four main aquaculture companies in Greece and Spain – Andromeda, Nireus, Selonda and Perseus – joined forces to become a single company and the largest producer of premium Mediterranean fish.

Producing over 70,000 tonnes of fish a year for customers in more than thirty countries, we have a shared vision and a clear commitment to the environment. Attentive to the needs of our customers, we consistently strive to improve and offer the highest quality products.

Our ethos


AVRAMAR is a team of over 2,300 individuals but, wherever we are in the world, we are united by our shared values and commitments: a love of the sea and quality.

Providing fish with a high nutritional value, which is sustainable and, above all, always fresh, is what drives us and steers us as a team in the same direction where the ultimate goal is customer and consumer satisfaction.

From egg to plate!!!!

De la cría al plato

At AVRAMAR we want to convey a new vision of aquaculture and bring about a transformation. To do this, we have demanding work processes in place aimed at providing top quality products and varieties. We have twelve hatcheries – ten located in Greece and two in Spain, and a total of seventy-two open sea fish farms, of which eight are dotted around the Mediterranean coast between Spain and Greece and another is in Lanzarote.

AVRAMAR also has fifteen packaging and processing plants – two of which are in Spain, and three feed factories, all located in Greece. The group’s offices are also distributed between these two countries, with the headquarters in the Valencian Community in Spain.

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