Corvina REX, for a nutritious and healthy diet

Corvina REX, for a nutritious and healthy diet

Corvina REX pescado saludableThe benefits of fish (whether white or oily) are countless, and because of that, Corvina REX (also known as meagre) is a fish species that is highly recommendable at any age.

The fact that fish naturally contain omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins is one of their many healthy properties, which are even more pronounced in the case of Corvina REX.

In this species of fish, we find a high content of this type of polyunsaturated fats, which are necessary for strengthening neurons, among other things, and are part of the group we call “good fats”.

Furthermore, Corvina REX also has a high level of vitamin B12 and is a source of vitamin B3. Vitamin B12 – which is scarce or non-existent in plant-based foods – is essential for cellular metabolism.

And when it comes to minerals, it is rich in both macro-minerals, which are necessary for the functioning of the body (potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, etc.) and trace elements (such as iron, iodine, and selenium).

Among the nutritional values of Corvina REX is also its high phosphorus content – a macro-element that helps build bones – as well as the fact that it is a source of potassium – a trace element involved in the communication between the nerves and the muscles.

Essential in a balanced diet

As well as all of the properties we have already mentioned, we must add that Corvina REX is a fish that is very rich in protein and low in salt, so it is an ideal ingredient to include as part of healthy eating habits, as it provides high quality protein with a low calorie content.

On top of that, it is tasty and, like most fish, easy to chew and digest – which are very useful qualities when it comes to choosing foods for children and elderly people.

There are endless possible dishes involving Corvina REX as the main ingredient, but we suggest this simple and light recipe (view recipe), starring a few fillets, either grilled or fried, accompanied by some original courgette “noodles”, which add an attractive touch of greenery to the dish


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