Corvina REX in Christmas menus

Corvina REX in Christmas menus

Felicitacioìn-Navidad-Rex-19-blogIn these days of abundant meals in which caloric intake exceeds by far the needs of our body, Corvina REX may come in handy.

A very light white fish as an ingredient for tasty and attractive recipes which will certainly help to compensate for the overeating of these days while balancing our menus.

Given the versatility of Corvina REX, the ways of cooking it are endless: from a light and refreshing ceviche, tartar or carpaccio to a stew or rice or even snacks such as skewers, fingers or croquettes, among many other options.

The other aspect which makes it so interesting is the fact that it is a fish of a fine texture and delicate flavour, making it suitable for all palates: from the house’s elders to the youngest.

Our selection of recipes with Corvina REX for these festive days

For these Christmas celebrations we propose the most festive recipes such as the stew , the meagre cake or the vol au vent with clams as well as baked with aromatic herbs or stuffed with spinach bechamel.

These are just some suggestions, find out more at our recipes page

The post-Christmas crunch…

The dreaded post-Christmas crunch also has a lot to do with recovering from the overeating and in this case, a good Corvina REX fillet whether baked or en papillote garnished with vegetables, will certainly contribute to the cause in the most pleasant way.

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