Corvina REX receives “Saveur de l’Année 2018” in France

Corvina REX receives “Saveur de l’Année 2018” in France

Corvina REX recibe en Francia el “Saveur de l’Année 2018”Corvina REX Frescamar has just received the prestigious award Saveur de l’Année, a new recognition to its flavor, aroma and texture.

The award, conceded yearly in France, was handed in a ceremony attended by prestigious French chefs and well known culinary specialized bloggers among others.

It is the only quality certification for the food sector based exclusively on tasting qualities of tested products, tried and approved by consumers themselves.

A jury, formed by a panel of 120 exhaustively selected volunteers according to their habits and consumption behavior, thoroughly evaluated Corvina REX Frescamar. After the tasting they concluded that the product fully met their expectations and demands and deserved such distinction. Corvina Rex Frescamar is the only Spanish seafood to earn this award in the French market.

The company carries out daily fishing to assure the arrival of the product to the French market in 24/48 hours with the greatest guarantee of freshness and quality. It is a strategic market that will be reinforced thanks to this recognition that acknowledges many years of hard work and that will add value to the brand in front of French consumers.

Monadia, the company that manages Saveur de l’Année, has more than 20 years’ experience in quality analysis through consumers and it possesses a strict self-evaluation system for products and services.

Thus, the accuracy and impartiality of its methodology have positioned this distinction as the most valuable referent of tasting quality, deserving the reliance of consumers, manufacturers and other professionals in the sector.

The fact of being directly based on the judgment capacity of consumers themselves, brings a new concept emphasized by their implication and closeness, nonexistent in other type of certifications in which they do not play role.



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