Corvina REX & shrimp, the perfect match for a lovers ceviche

Corvina REX & shrimp, the perfect match for a lovers ceviche

Receta dia de los enamorados Corvina REXCupido has crept into our kitchens to design your Valentine’s Day menu.

The proposed recipe is starring Corvina REX Frescamar and an exceptional mate: shrimp.

The star ingredient of any worth Peruvian ceviche is accompanied by such delicious crustacean to enrich this refreshing dish.

The difference with respect to the most popular ceviche (see classic ceviche recipe) is that, in this case, to prepare the tiger’s milk, we have liquefied a small amount of all the ingredients included in the recipe.

By doing this, we obtain a more homogenous mixture that makes it even more tasty and intense.

Ceviche allows multiple elaborations with different fish and / or seafood and also with different fruits (apart from lime that is mandatory).

Our recipe for Valentine’s Day has a very appropriate fruit for such date: passion fruit.

A tropical fruit also known as “maracuyá” that, in addition to being very nutritious, is loaded with antioxidants. It matches with the other guest of our special ceviche, the shrimp, which, due to its vitamin E content, reduces the effect of free radicals and also helps to maintain our beauty and youth.

The best kept secret

As in all romantic encounters, confessions could not be absent and, in this case, we want to share with you the secret of good ceviche according to some of the greatest Peruvian chefs…

A good fish!! That simple. Corvina REX and lots of pampering will be the key to success.

In addition, corvina is a lean fish low in fat and salt and shrimp, meanwhile, has a very low-calorie content so it is a light and refreshing dish that will allow you to overindulge with dessert… Do you know what her/his favorite chocolates are? Now we sure have the perfect date! 😉

Discover in this link how to prepare this ceviche with Corvina REX, shrimp and passion fruit.

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