The Delegate of the Central Government visits Frescamar

The Delegate of the Central Government visits Frescamar

Visita Delegado de Gobierno en la CV y alcaldesa Burriana a FRESCAMARThe Delegate of the Central Government at the Comunitat Valenciana, Juan Carlos Moragues, has visited the facilities of the company that leads Corvina REX’s commercialization, Frescamar Alimentación.

The visit, generated thanks to the accomplishment of the Alimentos de España Award, was also reinforced with the presence of the Sub-delegate of the Government in Castellón, David Barelles, and the Mayor of Burriana, Mª José Safont, among other city council representatives.

Moragues highlighted the company’s commitment to R&D&I and described it as “A model for the Region’s food industry, a benchmark for quality and freshness, committed to food safety, research and respect for the environment.”

The recovery through Corvina REX of a traditional Mediterranean species has been another of the highlights when praising Frescamar’s efforts.

Tahiche Lacomba, General Manager of the company, has guided the group throughout the processing plant and has been congratulated by all the attending authorities to whom he has shown gratitude for their support and has anticipated the future projects of the company.

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