Discover all the advantages of aquaculture fish

Discover all the advantages of aquaculture fish

Beneficios del pescado de acuicultura y Corvina REXThanks to aquaculture, consumers can access to many aquatic species frequently, in addition, do so with all the guarantees within the field of food safety.

Thus, through this technique through which fish, mollusks, crustaceans and also plant organisms such as algae are raised, the growing demand of a society that greatly values seafood like Corvina REX is met.

One of the great advantages of aquaculture is that it allows the consumption of these species to be seasonally adjusted and enjoyed throughout the year.

Also known as “aquaculture”, its origin dates back to ancient cultures as evidenced by representations of fish farming found in Egyptian temples, for example.

There is also evidence that carp and oysters were raised in ancient China, and that the Romans and Greeks had nurseries where they grew fish and shellfish.

Great advantages of aquaculture

There are aspects related to food security that are enhanced in aquaculture such as traceability, quality and guarantee of origin.

In the case of Corvina REX, the aquaculture group to which it belongs “Andromeda Group” integrates different companies with which it controls the entire process: breeding and rearing, fingerling transport, fattening, transformation, packaging and marketing, etc.

Thus, it is able to offer total traceability from the raw material to the delivery of the final product.

Its quality controls also extend throughout the cycle and, in addition, guarantee the well-being of the fish and their perfect sanitary condition.

All this translates into a product that not only enjoys high quality, but is also nutritious and healthy.
Regarding the guarantees that come from its origin, the relationship between proximity and freshness is essential.

Products such as Corvina REX are bred on the coasts of the Spanish Mediterranean, specifically in the marine farming centers that the company owns on the Valencian coast.
This proximity is reflected in the seal “Crianza de Nuestro Mares” that all the pieces of the food firm wear on their guts.


Another of the great advantages of farmed fish is that it grows in an anise-free environment.

In this way, species such as Corvina REX are bred in captivity, with a fully controlled diet and safe from this parasite that is spread when a fish ingests a minor fish that is anisakis carrier.

Sustainable production

Today aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector worldwide and, most importantly, it is a sustainable alternative to meet the growing demand for fishery products.

More than 50% of the fish destined for human consumption in the world comes from aquaculture and, in the case of the European Union, Spain ranks first among the producing countries.

In our country, it is calculated that one out of every four fish we consume has been raised using this technique, which undoubtedly represents the future of fish production and one of the main sources of food for humans.

For this reason, the Spanish aquaculture collective is committed to promoting production that is respectful of the environment that allows it to respond to this great market demand through sustainable management that favors even the recovery of stocks of threatened wild populations.

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