ESO students and patients of the Mental Health Hospital of Villarreal know about the cultivation and processing of Corvina REX

ESO students and patients of the Mental Health Hospital of Villarreal know about the cultivation and processing of Corvina REX

Estudiantes de ESO de Burriana en centro de cultivos marinos de REXThe processing plant and the farms of Corvina REX and the rest of Frescamar’s species have been the object of two new visits.

In different days, with the same great interest the members of two Castellón groups have toured their facilities and have learned more details about the work of an aquaculture company.

On one hand, students of the Institute of Secondary Education (IES) Llombai of Burriana and, on the other hand, patients of the Mental Health Hospital of Villarreal.

Balanced diet, sustainability and much more

The visit of the students of IES LLombai of Burriana is framed in an educational innovation project through which the center applies methods of cooperative work among their students.

That way, the training on the different departments are oriented around a single topic and research work is carried out on it.

In this case, the chosen theme has been “Pollution of seas and oceans, gastronomy and healthy habits” and, therefore, the visit to the facilities of Frescamar has been very enriching.

More than a hundred students, divided by age in two large groups, have known closely the processes of the aquaculture industry and some curiosities about Frescamar´s main specie, Corvina REX.

The importance of including fish in the diet so that it is balanced has been the focus of the talk dedicated to the little ones, while in the words addressed to young people, the effects of pollution on the oceans and on food security They have been the main theme.

Additionally, the role of aquaculture to guaranteeing the supply of fish in the future and the sustainable practices applied in its activity has been highlighted.

The boat trip to the farms has been as didactic as it is exciting because most of them had never visited this type of facility.

The group from the Mental Health Hospital of Villarreal has been smaller in volume; fourteen patients of different ages who have visited the plant with their tutor as part of the leisure activities carried out by the center.

People with severe pathology under partial hospitalization who have greatly enjoyed the visit and who have shown great curiosity about the stages that Corvina REX goes through before reaching the table.

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