New Corvina REX campaign in Consum

New Corvina REX campaign in Consum

Corvina REX en la revista CONSUM

During November, Corvina REX is the protagonist of a promotional campaign aimed at Consum supermarkets customers with the intentions of bring the product closer to the consumer.

A light fish, with a delicate flavor and soft meat, which offers great versatility in terms of cuts, which allows the preparation of countless recipes

In addition to inspiring consumers with culinary proposals -in video format- posted on its YouTube channel, Consum offers expert advice from its fishmonger staff when recommending the best cut for each preparation.

Thus, in the publication that the supermarket chain sends to customers with the current month’s offers, Corvina REX focuses the content of the section dedicated to fish products and some of the recommended cuts are shown graphically: slices, loins and dices.

Its national origin – caught in Spain – is another of the values highlighted in the article and the information is completed with a QR code through which the reader can access to many video recipes with Corvina REX as the main ingredient.

Corvina REX dices in adobo, baked Corvina REX fillet and Corvina REX stew are the three tasty dishes in which the selected cuts are materialized.

The campaign includes an offer that implies a reduction in the price per kilogram of Corvina REX for all consumers in the supermarket chain, as well as an action by Cheque Crece to improve customer loyalty with the Mundo Consum users.


Consum values that Corvina REX share

The cooperative of Valencian origin integrates among its main values providing products, information, well-being and sustainability and, for this, Corvina REX is a perfect ally since both act responsibly and are socially and environmentally committed.

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