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Corvina REX is a fresh, succulent fish that adapts easily to everyday cooking. If you like a packed lunch, cooking in a bain-marie or letting your oven do it for you, Corvina REX is the one for you.

This fish has white flesh, is easily digested and low in calories, making it perfect for all the family. From sushi to tartare, sautéed in the pan or with seasonal vegetables, Corvina REX is so versatile that it will make you see fish in a different light and enable you to include high-quality protein in a diet full of flavour.

You’ll be able to spot Corvina REX because all of our fish has a label in the gills displaying the quality seal ‘Crianza de Nuestros Mares’. This label is a guarantee that the fish comes from the Spanish coast and therefore that it is fresh as no more than 48 hours pass between the fish being caught and going on sale.

We don’t just say it ourselves

Our efforts to achieve top-quality produce are highly valued and over the years we have received a number of awards. In 2016, we received the Spanish food award Alimentos de España for our contribution to the promotion of aquaculture products. The same year, our Corvina REX fillet achieved the top rating in the Superior Taste Award. Three stars that rate our fish ‘Exceptional’. Two years later, we were acknowledged on an international scale and from France we were awarded the Saveur de l’Année for the texture and great flavour of Corvina REX. Reconocimientos

  • Superior Taste Award
    Award granted by the International Taste & Quality Institute based on organoleptic parameters such as aroma, texture or flavor.

  • Premio Alimentos de España
    Award given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment in recognition of the company’s business history, socio-economic relevance and innovative character.

  • Saveur de l´Année
    The only quality certification for the food sector based exclusively on the gustatory qualities of products tested and approved by consumers themselves.

Product range

Corvina REX has a wide selection of references, fresh and frozen, to adapt to different markets and new consumer trends.

Whole & Gutted


Loins y Portions

Cust for Sushi/Sashimi



The latest technology at the service of packaging allows Corvina REX to offer the format that best suits the client’s needs.

Returnable plastic box

Expanded polystyrene box

Cardboard box (frozen product)

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