Recipes on video, so not a single detail is missed - Corvina Rex
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Recipes on video, so not a single detail is missed

Recipes on video, so not a single detail is missed

Now on our blog “Cocina con Corvina” recipes in video format so preparing our Chef’s proposals is even easier.

It’s all about dynamically edited recordings to show the main steps of each preparation.

With these video recipes, about two minutes long, those not-so-skilled cooks will be able to amaze their guests and those who are already trained will be able to discover new dishes to update their specialties.

Fast and easy recipes with the common denominator of having Corvina REX Frescamar as the main ingredient.

Now you can watch our two first proposals  Corvina “All i Pebre”, a tasteful hot meal for these cold days, and a refreshing Corvina salad with vegetables  for the lightest lunches or dinners.

You may find them on the “video” section of these two recipes. As you’ll see, images are supported by text slides that describe each step, so there will be no excuses to get down to the stove.

Additionally, all ingredients appear at the very beginning and at the end of the video, but you may press “pause” any time so you do not miss a hint.

So, watch it! Because we are already preparing new dishes in our kitchen that shortly will be in yours!

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