REX & VITTORE, an exceptional pairing

REX & VITTORE, an exceptional pairing

Ceviche Corvina REX & vermu VITTORE blancoVITTORE vermouths have found in Corvina REX the best match for a perfect appetizer.

Gone are the traditional gildas with pickles and anchovies or whitebaits because now the hit is to enjoy a white or red vermouth with a Corvina REX ceviche or any other cold elaboration of this delicious white fish.

This was evident during the tasting that Frescamar Alimentación and Bodegas Cherubino Valsangiacomo offered a few days ago at the headquarters of PROAVA, in the heart of “El Carmen”, an emblematic neighborhood in the historic center of the city of Valencia.

Authenticity, flavor and quality were the dominant notes of a tasting in which the VITTORE vermouth and the “tapas” of Corvina REX shone as never before.

Flavors full of tradition

The vermouths – red and white – are made under the brand VITTORE since 1904 following the formula of Benedetto Valsangiacomo, who founded the family winery in the Swiss canton of Ticino in 1831.

Thus, more than a century later, the fifth generation of this family of winemakers continues to give us these macerated wines, with delicate aromas and perfect balance, faithful to the inherited recipe of their ancestors.

Meager, on the other hand, is a traditional Mediterranean species that Frescamar has recovered through aquaculture, enhancing, under its Corvina REX brand, all the virtues of this white fish.

Recipes full of exoticism

The elaborations, proposed and elaborated by the students Laura Castelblanque and Luis Silva of the Gastronomy and Culinary Management GASMA campus, were a Corvina REX Ceviche, paired with white VITTORE, and a Usuzukuri of Corvina REX for the pairing with red VITTORE.

Recipes that have their roots in Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, respectively, and that captivated he audience.

A tasting room full of history

PROAVA is a non-profit organization dedicated, among others, to the promotion of quality agrifood products of the Valencian Community.

It houses the oldest winery in the city of Valencia; a cellar of the XIII century that the attendants could visit at the end of the tastings.

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