Rice “a la marinera” (with seafood) inspired by Corvina REX

Rice “a la marinera” (with seafood) inspired by Corvina REX

Jornadas Gastronomicas de Arroces Marineros con Corvina REXThe Gastronomic Days of Rice “a la marinera” (with seafood) of Las Arenas Beach have had an exceptional ingredient this year: Corvina REX Frescamar.

Thus, in its sixth edition, this great event promoted by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Hospitality Playa de Las Arenas, has offered in its closing ceremony a tasting of rice starring Corvina REX, Dacsa and seasonal vegetables from the firm Alabau.

Four varieties of rice – among which the “sénia” or the “bomba” has not been lacking – pairing with wines from Bodegas Nodus that have been praised by all the guests.

The authors of such tasty elaborations have been chefs José María Baldó, of the Sorolla restaurant (Hotel Las Arenas); Miguel Óscar Verdú, representing the Tridente restaurant; Quique Barella, commanding the stoves of Balandret and Jerome Jaques Rioux, Gabbeach chef.

Each of them has offered the audience a brief explanation of their recipe, inspired by Corvina REX, which has been completed with the information provided by the winemaker from Bodegas Nodus, Gonzalo Medina, in relation to the broths that accompanied each dish.

The rice master Galbis, the first chef to obtain a Michelin star in Valencia, has also wanted to contribute his knowledge about the attributes of each variety of rice used as well as its different cooking techniques.

A snack and four rice dishes that have revealed the culinary versatility of Corvina REX

The guests of the event have been received with a snack in which they have been able to taste a pickled Corvina REX prepared at the moment with citrus fruits and, once seated, they have paraded on their table four proposals of rice “a la marinera” (with seafood) as different as tasty.

A creamy rice with arugula and Corvina REX carpaccio, a dry rice from Corvina REX with saffron rouille, a creamy from Corvina Rex and red shrimp and an “allipebrat” rice from Corvina REX.

True gastronomic works to finalize the VI Gastronomic Days of Rice “a la marinera” (with seafood) of Las Arenas Beach.

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